Division 2 Update Makes Episode 1 Available To All : Signature Weapon Skins, Apparel Event 3 And Heat Wave

Ubsioft introduced The Division 2’s new Expeditions feature during E3 2019 press conference. The first of a three-part episode series, titled Episode 1: DC Outskirts – Expeditions, went live last week only for Year 1 Pass holders.But now is available to all The Division 2 owners.

Episode 1 is available now.All balance changes are live for all players.The two new main missions and the first Investigation Area of Kenly College in Expeditions mode are now available.Two new Classified Assignments are live as well.You will travel to two new settings: Manning National Zoo and Camp White Oak. The former will see you “explore 11 different biomes to confront the leader of the Outcasts,” while the latter will have you “hunt down a traitor.” You will also head to Kenly College, where you can earn rewards by “exploring, investigating, and solving puzzles to uncover the fate of a lost convoy.”

According to a press release, this wide-spread launch of Episode 1 comes with a care package.

“Agents, Episode 1: D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions is now available. To get you ready for your missions outside of the city limits we’re granting everybody who logs in between July 26th and August 13th a special care package. When logging in you can retrieve your care package from the “Grants” tab in your stash. The package includes 3 pieces of Gear that will help you fight in your upcoming challenges, as well as 3 Apparel Cache keys to make sure your style game is on point! And, to make sure you have a companion for those travels, the Backpack Trophy “Flash” will also be part of the package.

We hope this will help you on your journey, we see you in the outskirts of Washington D.C.!”

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