This Is Apple's Challenge For Its Users On International Yoga Day 2019
It is International Day of Yoga today and has been celebrated since 2014, when the United Nationals officially deemed it as Yoga Day.To commemorate the occasion, Apple set a new activity challenge for its Apple Watch users.Apple periodically holds Activity Challenges with unique rewards for its users.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, Apple has set its next Apple Watch Activity Challenge for Friday in honor of the International Day of Yoga. Apple Watch users will have to record their yoga workout of minimum 15 minutes to win the award and they can record through any of the apps that record yoga workouts to the Apple Health app.

“On June 21, celebrate the International Day of Yoga by earning this award with a yoga workout of 15 minutes or more. Record your time with any app that adds yoga workouts to Health,” said Apple. 
Users who complete the challenge will be entitled to a couple of awards, Apple will give them three animated stickers that you’ll be able to use in Messages and FaceTime.a virtual trophy that will be available to view in the Achievements tab inside the Activity application on iOS

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