Pakistan Won The Asian Team Snooker Championship 2019 : Beating India By 3-2 Sets

Pakistan has won the (ACBS) Asian Team Snooker Championship 2019, by defeating India by 3-2 sets on Friday in Doha, Qatar. Team Pakistan-2 (Babar Masih and Zulfiqar Qadir) defeated Team India-1 (Pankaj Advani, Laxman Rawat and Aditya Mehta) in the deciding frame to claim the winners’ trophy.

In first two frames,India was outplayed,with Pankaj Advani going down 79-1 against Babar Masih and Zulfiqar Qadir outplaying Laxman Rawat 71-1. the Pakistani players played exceptionally well and curtailed both the Indian players in singles round got the lead over India.

In that situation, the combination of Pankaj Advani and Laxman Rawat played good safety and the Indian duo won the next match against the Pakistani pair 58-18. After that the Pankaj Advani dominated fourth frame (reverse single) against the Zulfiqar Qadir and got past Qadir 67-39 and send Laxman Rawat for the deciding frame against Babar Masih. 

Pakistan’s Babar Masih used his experience and obtained first 12 points. Once he got right position, he went for scoring and established good lead. Pakistan, however, had the last laugh with Masih overcoming Rawat 69-9.Though Laxman got a chance but after scoring 9 points he missed out and Babar dominated all across to win the title for Pakistan.

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