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Google Brings AR To YouTube And Display Ads

Google Brings AR To YouTube And Display Ads

Google recently updated their developer platform, ARCore, to enable creators build more immersive experiences. Which means starting this week, Google is bringing AR to YouTube and interactive 3D assets to display ads.

Google brings AR to Help YouTube beauty fans pick their next lipstick

Numerous consumers look to YouTube creators for assistance when deciding on new products to purchase. Now, with the help of AR, brands and creators can make that experience even more personalized and useful for viewers in AR. With the introduction of AR Beauty Try-On, which will let viewers virtually try on makeup while following along with YouTube creators. The tool creates a split screen, and plays YouTube content on the top half, and in the lower half users will be able to virtually try on makeup. On account of machine learning and AR technology, it offers realistic, virtual product samples that work on a full range of skin tones.

It is presently in alpha, AR Beauty Try-On is currently available through FameBit by YouTube, which is a Google’s in-house branded content platform. The first brand to partner with FameBit to launch an AR Beauty Try-On campaign is M·A·C Cosmetics. Google tested this experience earlier this year with several beauty brands and the results were that 30 percent of viewers activated the AR experience in the YouTube iOS app, and spent over 80 seconds on average trying on lipstick virtually.

Google Brings AR To YouTube And Display Ads

Google brings three-dimensional assets to display ads

Google introduces its first immersive display format ads, which will provide brands a new canvas for creativity with Swirl. As Swirl brings three-dimensional assets to display advertising on the mobile web, brands will be able to help educate customers before making a purchase. The consumer can zoom in and out, rotate a product, or play an animation. Currently Swirl is exclusively available through Display and Video 360.

Google Brings AR To YouTube And Display Ads

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