Huawei Planning To Launch World’s First 5G TV With 8K Resolution
Huawei Technologies is planning to launch a series of new products earlier this year.The company is going to venture into the TV landscape in a big way.Apparently, the Chinese manufacturer is gearing up for the release of its 5G-capable TV, which if true would make it the first of its kind.Not only that, but it’ll also have a 8K resolution, which is almost unheard of currently.

There’s precious little detail about the TV, the smart TV will come with a 5G chipset and flagship-class specifications as well as an 8K display and several smart features. Nikkei claims the TV will be able to download high-resolution programming over cellular connections, including 360-degree videos and virtual reality content.
Huawei TV would include a 5G modem that would allow it to stream remote content directly without the need for a cable box or a fixed-line Internet connection. As per the report, the TV might serve as a 5G router for other wireless devices, as well, says Nikkei. It would push VR content to VR headsets and HD videos to phones or tablets.

Nikkei Asian Review reported on Wednesday that sources familiar with Huawei’s hardware plans had revealed that the company will be allegedly introducing their first television – which will also be the world’s first 8K 5G TV – later this year.

Nikkei also claims Huawei wants to become one of the world’s top five PC manufacturers within the next three years, and to achieve such a feat, it’s preparing a more aggressive challenge to Apple’s current dominance in the desktop and laptop markets.

Despite being marred by multiple controversies, Huawei isn’t giving up on its mission to create a fully-connected digital world. However, Huawei needs to compete with Samsung in the television department, as Samsung is actually manufacturing 8K displays. Then there’s the actual availability of 5G.

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