Tech Support: Error Unknown Review And Gameplay
Since the games have been introduced we have seen humans addictive intentions toward games that offer manipulator of human entities, with the beginning of digital electronics era computer games converted their taste from human manipulation to computerized human manipulation. 

Manipulation and simulation of physical entities related to real world is very helpful in managing real environment around us as well as help us to give up on our ultimate fears, stress and tensions. 

A video game for flight simulation is very helpful for pre-mature pilot to understand the working of real plane, it is also useful for training humans to overcome their fear of height. Meanwhile there are many games helping students and professionals and many in field people.

Tech Support: Error Unknown developed by Dragon Slumber and Published by iceberg interactive is one of its kind. A game developed to hit creativity and decision making capability of player, it is very selective with decision you made in the game and based on those decision your story runs. 

As a technical person you start this game which in followed by iterative promotions and some internal organization badges you gain based on your performance. Your technical skills to solve problem is tested every day, which give you points in exchange.

Tech Support: Error Unknown Review And Gameplay

You work as a tech guy in the Quaser telecommunication and answer from predefined answers, as you get promoted you get the access to the customer database and their phone remotely. You can do bunch of stuff with their phone, but with their consent and if you access without it you get a warning in a mail from your superior. There is a mailing system in the game, you receive mail throughout the game from your coworker. You can open multiple windows but there is a limit and if you exceed the limit you have to close one to open the other.

As you work as a tech guy you get contacted by a hactivists organization naming Indigo. They tells you that they want to take down Quaser telecommunication because they are collecting a lot of information about their customer without their knowledge and misusing it. They ask you to blackmail the customer with your access to their information, resulting in hurting the Quaser telecommunication.

The story of the game is average I would say, to get most out of the game and to enjoy it you will have to play the game multiple times with different choices. Some of the part of the game are just left hanging like you get a ticket from your brother who claims that he couldn’t reach you on anywhere else and your mother is ill and he needs money for the medicine, it gets difficult to talk to him with the predefined answer in the ticket window. 

Even though you send the money there is not really a follow up. Like you get a mail from your colleague and he needs money and he will return it, even after sending it he mysteriously dies and boom nothing comes up for this part also. Like you get contacted by your superior to install this Qeye software in the customer phones without their knowledge saying that it would help the organization to tackle the hackers, after this there is no follow up for this.

There are a lot of typos in the game (update is out now and we haven’t checked if it is resolved or not) and one thing that I also noticed is that there aren’t any help boxes throughout the game. Sometimes even though you get the answer right but it say ticket failed and gives you a reason that does not really make sense. 

The conversation with the customer looks pretty real like they swear at you and their typing style also looks pretty real.There are some unlockables and easter eggs scattered throughout the game which will be fun to discover. There is also one more mode in work for release post launch “Endless mode”. Publisher and developer will be officially announcing this later in the month.

We are looking forward to play and review the hidden features and other stories with different decisions so does we recommend you to do.                                                                                                                                                                            

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