Shah Mehmood Qureshi Says Neighbours Blame Pakistan Without Any Evidence

Shah Mehmood Qureshi Says Neighbours Blame Pakistan Without Any Evidence 

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Sunday that the neighboring nations level claims against Pakistan with no proof and before completing examinations. 

Tending to a service in Multan, he said schemes are being brought forth to separate Pakistan universally and the nation will confront more difficulties in an opportunity to come. 

Qureshi said before the PTI-drove government came into power, the nation’s relations with its neighbors were not good.He said the war had been going on in Afghanistan throughout the previous 17 years however the nation would censure Pakistan for its inner issues. 

The clergyman said Iran has additionally charged restricted outfit Jundullah — presently known as Jaish al Adl — for doing dread assaults on its dirt. Correspondingly, China likewise connected the Turkistan Islamic Party fear exercises with Islamabad, he included. 

Qureshi said Modi-drove government was additionally utilizing each worldwide gathering against Pakistan while the United States thought about India as its key accomplice in the locale. 

Pakistan was put on the dim rundown of the FATF and claims were leveled that the nation was not satisfying its commitments with respect to beware of dread financing, he included. 

The priest reviewed that the nation was likewise confronting monetary emergency and fumble was uncontrolled in practically every one of the offices with no basic changes. 

Today, he kept up that the improvement could be seen in both inside and outer fronts and Pakistan’s relations with different nations had improved. 

The world had recognized the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan that there was not military answer for Afghan issue and a political settlement was the main route forward. 

Presently, talks between the US and the Taliban are in advancement, he included. 

Qureshi said harmony and soundness in Afghanistan was essential for Pakistan, be that as it may, a few components needed to harm the harmony procedure.

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