Ubisoft Teases Rainbow Six Siege's Aussie Operators - Operation Burnt Horizon

Today Ubisoft Teases Rainbow Six Siege’s Aussie Operators Gridlock and Mozzie with a silly video. Australian operators Gridlock and Mozzie are coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Burnt Horizon is short but it is silly and fun. What’s more, it adopts a very different approach to showcasing its gun-slinging superstars than we typically see. 

The new operator teaser focuses vigorously on the “odd couple” Gridlock and Mozzie, sitting in comfortable Australian cliches, however it’s a pleasant break from the years-long procession of stereotypical hardasses. It is by all accounts running over truly well with the community, as well: Responses on Twitter and in the Rainbow Six subreddit appears to be especially for this all the more happy way to deal with the administrator bother. 
Gridlock and Mozzie, and the rest of Operation Burnt Horizon, will be uncovered in full during the Six Invitational in Montreal on February 17.

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