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PM Imran Khan Advises India

PM Imran Khan Advises India 

PM Imran Khan on Wednesday emphasized Pakistan's offer of exchange to India, hours after the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) shot down two Indian contender planes. 

"We are prepared to talk. Give better sense a chance to win. We should think reasonably. I ask India; with our weapons ability… on the two sides, would we be able to manage the cost of an error? In the event that this heightening proceeds with, matters will nor be in my control nor Modi's. The hurt that has been caused because of the Pulwama assault, we need to get together and talk about psychological oppression that impacts us both," the head administrator said in a broadcast address to the country. 

The chief's location came after he led a gathering of the National Command Authority to examine Pakistan's reaction to Indian animosity.

DG ISPR : Did not want to retaliate at the cost of regional peace

He said taking the nation into confidence was essential under the current circumstances. “I had a hunch that India would escalate, and that is why in my earlier speech I said that if India continues on this path, we will retaliate. We waited, and today we took action. It was our plan to not cause any collateral damage, and not to cause any casualties.”

The premier conveyed Pakistan’s aversion to conflict and said Islamabad was well aware of the impact of violence. “We know how the families of those killed in Pulwama must have felt. We have been the victims of war for decades. I have been to hospitals visiting survivors of bomb attacks, the ones who are left behind.”

Elaborating on the decision to target Indian forces, the premier said the action was meant to prove Pakistan’s capability to protect its sovereignty.

“We did not retaliate in haste because we did not know the extent of damage on our side. Today, we simply wanted to show our capability. Two Indian MiGs crossed Pakistan’s borders and we shot them down. I also want to state that the pilot is with us.”

PM Imran also focused on the unpredictable nature of war and how easily a confrontation could spiral out of control. “All major wars have been a miscalculation. When they started, no one realised where they were headed. World War I was supposed to end in six months but it went on for six years. Similarly, when it was launching the War on Terror, did the United States ever think it would remain in Afghanistan for 17 years?”

“We know what war means. Since the beginning, we have asked India to share actionable evidence with us. It is nowhere in the interest of Pakistan for our soil to be used as a base for militancy.”

The prime minister concluded his address with an invitation of dialogue. “I once again invite you [India] to the dialogue table. We were and we are prepared for dialogue on terrorism.”


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