PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds : Update From The Dev Team Over The Vikendi Performance Issues

Vikendi gets an update from the Dev Team on 15th February on the performa.nce issues that is faced by many players like rendering and falling/flying vehicles and characters. Dev Team has been preparing a hotfix for the map that will improve the performance and will fix the bugs in the game.The hotfix is scheduled for 28th February.

Below is what the hotfix will be fixing:

  • Fix the issue where vehicles going at high speeds could fly or fall through the map (applies to the map Miramar as well) 
  • Increase the size of the texture streaming pool to cache in memory
  • This will be done to improve rendering times 
  • Fix the issue where LOD 1 does not load, causing buildings to not load at all
To get a bit deeper details about the fix, Level of Detail (LOD) 1 will describe as “playdough” detail and LOD 0 as full detail (100% rendered).
  • Before the January 22 update, players were able to at least see actual buildings in “playdough” detail. Then, textures would gradually load until LOD 0 was achieved. 
  • After the January 22 update, LOD 1 stopped loading until LOD 0 was achieved. When LOD 1 does not load, this skips the “playdough” step, causing buildings to not load at all. This is currently what is happening on Vikendi. Without LOD 1, the state of building rendering is either at 0% or 100% (LOD 0), which means no buildings at all -> 100% fully detailed buildings.

“We’re hard at work hammering on these issues to deliver a stable hotfix on February 28. We want to thank you all for your patience, and we’ll be sure to update everyone with official patch notes as we get closer to deployment.”

Source : PUBG

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