Metro Buses Crash In Lahore

Metro Buses Crash In Lahore

A lady was killed, while a few people were left injured after two metro buses crashed into one another in Lahore. 

The two metro buses crashed in Lahore’s Yauhanabad region. Counting the bus driver, 17 individuals were left injured because of the incident. 

A female traveler was additionally executed because of the impact, while lion’s share of those harmed in the accident were female travelers. 

As per salvage specialists, the lady executed was an occupant of Kahna Nau zone in Lahore. 

Three dead in Islamabad traffic mishap

The mishap ridden transports have been expelled from the tracks, and the metro transport administration has been suspended briefly. 

Prior on Saturday, three individuals were killed in the government capital after an overspeeding vehicle dove into a nearby waste jettison. 

The car crash occurred inside the purview of Kohsar police headquarters and two individuals were likewise harmed in the disaster. 

In the mishap, three young ladies passed on and a kid and another young lady were harmed. The bodies and the harmed were exchanged to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). 

As per the police, the episode happened because of heedless driving and over speeding.

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