Govt Will Not  Going To Deduct 5% Salary of Employees Living in Alloted Houses

The federal government has decided it will not deduct 5 percent of the salaries of employees using official accommodation in Islamabad.
This development was made public by Prime Minister’s Adviser on the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Affairs Ali Awan.
He said the decision would be implemented from the next fiscal year.

“Our government took the decision because we do not think the deducted amounts were being properly utilized on the accommodations,” he said.

Mr. Awan, who is an MNA from Islamabad, said Finance Minister Asad Umar, who is also an MNA from the capital city, took the decision to provide relief to government employees and that they will repair the houses they were allotted themselves instead of looking to CDA and the Estate Office.
He said the government had no right to deduct the employees’ salaries when it doesn’t even provide the funds for changing taps and other minor works.
Mr. Awan said Finance Minister Asad Umar decided to stop deducting salaries of federal employees, as he believed the amount wasn’t being utilized properly. Instead, the employees will repair their allotted houses without the government’s aid.
He added that 5 percent salary of the federal employees was deducted every month in the name of renovation, but previous governments failed to fulfill the promise.

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