Anthem's Cutscene Bugs And Glitches Are Hysterical And Horrifying

Anthem early access was launched on 15th Feb on Xbox One and PC,and has a story that involves normal and healthy people, but Anthem’s launch feels quite messy, the bugs in Anthem‘s cutscenes are at least hilarious.

The game has a enjoyable core of exploration and combat in the game, but the game’s issues feel so big and hilarious that it is hard to envision them all being quickly fixed. During some cutscenes bugs are encountered that are very funny and extremely traumatic, like bodies disappearing or twisting into terrible shapes.

We hope that the bugs will be removed before the full launch, but that seems impossible as bug reports and troubleshooting issues just keep piling up.It’s very shameful of course, for the developers but not entirely surprising. 
Anthem has a great pressure on them because of the Hindenburg launch cycle of Mass Effect: Andromeda, that may have been the best choice.As For now, all we can do is laugh and hope that some more patches hit before February 22nd.If you’ve seen any hilarious or horrifying bugs, let us know.

Video Courtesy : PCGAMER

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