8th Grade Pakistani Student Selected By Nasa for Intern Ship

NASA has selected Raadeyah Aamir, a 12-year old eighth-grade student from Karachi Pakistan, for a one-week internship at the Kennedy Space Center. She will leave today for America to study space and galaxies and attend training on next-gen Astronaut Training Experience. 

According to The News, Raadeyah said that it was her childhood dream to go to NASA and wave the flag of Pakistan there. She has expressed interest in space exploration and the glittering stars in the world.

According to the Kennedy Space Center website, this training includes a virtual simulation of the spacewalk to Mars and transportation to the planet in that virtual world and work for a whole day. 

In This spacewalk, you can experience a conducted in a microgravity environment at the same atmospheric conditions as on Mars right now. This is the only center in the world which provides the same sort of training.
 The students will get to solve complex science and engineering problems during their stay at the center.

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