Steam Has Reached 90 Million Users And 30,000 Games Available For Sale On Store
Steam has been a market leader as years have passed. In fact, It’s a standout amongst the most accessible storefronts on the entire PC platform. 

As indicated by Valve, Steam has formally surpassed the 90 million monthly active user. The PC gaming customer’s daily active user figure is comparatively amazing, sitting at 47 million as of composing. 

One of the fundamental attractions to the PC Gaming storefront is definitely the amount of games accessible in it. Valve broke one more record. With the latest game releases, Steam has come to more than 30,000 games which are available for purchase. 

Steam has gone from being an obscure storefront to the go-to PC gaming stage for many users.It’s likewise assessed that Steam got more than 9,300 games across 2018. This is significantly more contrasted with 2017’s 6,700 games. All of these release records incorporate AAA releases and indie developer titles published through Steam Direct.

At any rate, one thing is clear: Valve, and Steam all in all, has made considerable progress over the previous decade. What’s your opinion about Valve’s newest record? Do you trust that Epic Games and Discord will offer extraordinary competition to Valve?Let us know your thoughts in comments below.

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