Nvidia Has Opened  A New AI Robotics Research Lab In Seattle

Nvidia today opened its robotics research lab, a 13,000-foot facility in Seattle.When Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang interacted with a sensitive robotic hand at today’s open house for his company’s robotics research lab in Seattle, it was love at first touch.

“It almost feels like a pet!” Huang said as he tickled the hand’s fingers, causing them to retreat gently.“It’s surprisingly therapeutic,” he told the crowd around him. “Can I have one?”

The lab will house 50 roboticists, 20 from Nvidia Research staff, and others from the wider academic research community.

Dieter Fox, a member from University of Washington computer science faculty, is the director of the lab.He explained that the lab will bring “together a collaborative, interdisciplinary team of experts in robot control and perception, computer vision, human-robot interaction and deep learning.”

The first scenario being worked on in the laboratory is a kitchen simulator where a robot has been built to perform a range of normal tasks including retrieving objects from a cabinet and cleaning a dinner table.

This “kitchen manipulator” depends on profound learning to detect and track specific objects based on its own simulation, it doesn’t need a map of the place beforehand and can quickly adapt to changes in its surroundings. It can even open and close doors and drawers to get items and tools. 

The robot uses an Nvidia’s Jetson platform for navigation though real-time inference processing is handled by TITAN GPUs, albeit what number of or which model is not specifically stated (a TITAN Xp box can be seen in the video).

Source : Nvidia

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