Know More About The World Of Metro Exodus With The New 'Uncovered' Trailer

Know More About The World Of Metro Exodus With The New ‘Uncovered’ Trailer

Developer 4A Games and Publisher Deep Silver has released a new trailer for the Metro Exodus. The Trailer is named ‘Uncovered’ and is a introduction video for the Metro Exodus. The game is enlivened by the globally bestselling novel metro 2035 by DMITRY GLUKHOVSKY. Metro Exodus is set to release on February 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Metro Exodus takes the cinematic story-driven gameplay of the previous Metro games and introduces a new huge, open environments that deliver a brand-new gameplay experience. There are no pointless quests or busywork in metros open levels, every objective is narrative driven and woven flawlessly into the main story, claims the new ‘uncovered’ Trailer. There are hidden stories in the wasteland and it is up to the player to discover them.
Watch the Trailer below:

“Famed for their gripping atmosphere, intense gameplay, powerful story-telling and hauntingly realised game world, Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light have earned their reputation as cult classics. Now, we are ready to release the long-anticipated Metro Exodus. 
Five years in the making, it builds on the series’ strengths while offering players a new sensation of freedom and exploration in the wastelands of post-apocalyptic Russia. For newcomers to the series, this video explores the unique world and deep gameplay features of Metro Exodus. “
Cover Photo Credit: Deep Silver

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