Careem has launched its rewards program in Pakistan
Careem has propelled its prizes program in Pakistan. Gone for empowering dedication and advancing donations towards charity causes, the prizes program works with any financial activity performed through the Careem application — aside from using Careem Packages alternative to pay for rides. 

Careem is endeavoring to enhance the in-application involvement with upgrades in its wallet usefulness and shared credits exchange. A definitive objective of Careem is to move in the direction of turning into a total advanced installment stage, something which they have just begun progressing in the direction of. Careem rewards is another progression which will urge clients to additionally utilize the application and ensure rides and exchanges through the application are appropriately boosted.


Careem rewards work automatically. There’s no opt-in or opt-out option that you can use. Whenever you book and pay for a ride using Careem, you will automatically get reward points against it. How many you get, is dependent on your status in the rewards program.

  • Regular users will earn 10 points for every 20 PKR spent in Careem app.
  • Gold users (those who have taken more than 15 rides in a single month), will earn 50 percent more rewards than regular users.

How can you use these points?

Careem offers various different channels to use these earned rewards. You can tap your inner charitable side and donate the points toward planting trees, or instructing and sustaining underprivileged kids. Careem has cooperated with The Citizen Foundation (TCF), United Nations World Food Program (WFP), and World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) to ensure that your gifts achieve their planned beneficiaries. This is an exceptionally decent motion from Careem and ideally, they can discover much more routes for their clients to benefit some in the public eye. 

In the event that you are not in a giving disposition and need the prizes just for yourself, Careem offers to change over the prizes to Careem Credit, which would then be able to be utilized to pay for Rides (or for purchasing different things from retailers once Careem’s for quite some time reputed computerized installment stage dispatches). You can change over 900 into 50 Pakistani Rupees and 3,000 points into 200 Pakistani Rupees. 

Uber and Lyft, two of the greatest ride-sharing stages on the planet, offer prizes programs in a portion of the nations that they work in; most strikingly the North American nations. Be that as it may, Pakistani shoppers are not used to seeing a tech organization propelling such activities for the nearby gathering of people and regarding them as top notch residents. 

Careem legitimately considers Pakistan to be a tremendous market for its tentative arrangements and is in like manner making strides like this reward framework to guarantee that Pakistani customers’ involvement with Careem benefit stays brilliant, something which ought to be properly valued and recognized.

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