Android Q Beta Version Leaks

Android Q Beta Version Leaks

After Pie Version of Android Google Development Team working on the upcoming Version of Android. Google using the alphabets series in its android version so the next letter of alphabet after P is Q. Upcoming Android Q beta Version tested on the Google pixel 3 .
The main thing that turned out was the framework wide Dark Theme. It tends to be set to trigger at a particular time or simply remain on for all time. Interestingly, there’s an alternative to compel it on outsider applications that don’t have a local dim mode. 

The folks from XDA tried it on a few applications including Facebook and it worked quite well thinking about the early form. There are a new desktop mode in Android Q. In the Developer Options U can set the force desktop mode. 

The Always on display receives an additional feature. It can show your current wallpaper.
Other sensors , additional screen lock options when a trusted device is near, added or removed, improved built-in files app and new behavior of the pop-up notifications.

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