American Singer Akon Campaigns for Bhasha and Mohmand Dams Fund

American Singing Start Akon, who will visit Pakistan to commence the World Soccer Stars occasion with shows in Karachi and Lahore between April 26 and 29, has participated in the campaign to gather donations for the Basha and Mohmand dam funds. 

“This is a special message to all Pakistanis around the world, according to a United Nations report, water resources in the country will dry up by 2025, so I’m asking all Pakistanis living in the country and overseas to support the Diamer and Bhasha dam. So we can mobilize Pakistan into a better future,” he said.

Talking about the visit, Akon had prior stated, “It’s an ideal opportunity to shake Pakistan, I am anticipating visiting Karachi and Lahore with TouchSky Group. So we should get it down in Pakistan with World Soccer Stars.” 

“Yo, Imran Khan, It’s ya kid Akon, I’m anticipating coming to Pakistan, are you prepared for me,” Akon said in a video message on Twitter.

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