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100 Million Alexa Devices Sold By Amazon
Amazon Senior Vice President of Devices Dave Limp has uncovered in a meeting that they have sold in excess of 100 million Alexa devices, a surprising assume if we contrast the figure and the quantity of devices which have Google Assistant or other AI, colleagues. Dave further proceeded to express that Echo Dot has likewise overwhelmed their vacation deals desires and the item is sold out through January, with Amazon transporting them in beds through 747 aircrafts. 

While the figure is in fact an estimable one however on the off chance that we go on a correlation regarding programming as in what number of devices does Alexa keep running on and afterward contrast it with Siri and Google Assistant, at that point the opposition gets genuinely harder. Since Siri and Google Assistant come preinstalled on most cell phones and just some would consider supplanting them with either Alexa or Cortana, the worldwide lion's share is still little. Be that as it may, Alexa presently deals with in excess of 150 diverse outsider items and the company is not afraid of experimentation with other startups as well.

So while Google and Apple have their partners running on conceivably billions of devices, Amazon is rapidly grabbing the pace with various equipment items utilizing Alexa's abilities. Dave said that Amazon is as yet a major devotee to different aides and they won't ever confine an equipment startup to simply Alexa alone, which reasonably leaves the market open for reasonable rivalry. They need to have an effect through outcomes instead of an ostentatious advertisement battle.

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