Survival Game Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Is Out In 2019

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey has at long last been unveiled with an in-game trailer at The Game Awards 2018. Patrice Désilets, known as the creator of the first two Assassin’s Creed games, presented it on the stage.

First reported in 2015, it’s a third-person, action adventure survival game, produced  by his studio, Panache Digital Games. Made in Unreal Engine, it’s set in the early long periods of mankind’s evolution which tells the story of millions of years of evolutionary history in Africa. You’ll be seeing the evolution of apes that led to humankind as you play through the Earth’s past.

It’s the tale of a colony of apes, interacting with their environment, including saber-toothed beasts of yore.Environmental diversity  is one of the enormous features as you investigate the wildernesses and savannahs of Africa while enduring the cruel environments and fending off predators. You’ll participate in different ages of human heritage from the early apes to Lucy, the nearest and earliest relative of people.

The trailer shows off four periods of our ancestors’ development. In the initial part, ten million years back, there’s a single ape swinging through the trees previously getting eaten up by a snake. Two or three million years after the fact, a group of apes are being pursued by a crocodile, yet they make it to the trees in time and break. We jump forward to four million years prior to see a ape with a baby on its back using a crude weapon to kill hogs. At long last, barely short of three million years back, a band of seekers experience and execute an enormous saber-toothed feline.

Players will explore this harsh era as our ancestors did, trying to expand their territory and evolve to advance their clan in order to survive.The mechanics are said to depend intensely on survival, discovery and evolution as players navigate situations highlighting different predators and learn new abilities to pass onto the next generation of clan members.

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