Shark Bites Off Diver’s Mask :Video
A diver in French Polynesia phenomenally got away with simply scratch to his temple when a shark bit off his mask. Diminish Schneider, who ran jumping with a gathering in Rangiroa, all of a sudden wound up encompassed by six silvertip sharks, the Mirror detailed. 

A video film of the occurrence, which became a web sensation via web-based networking media, demonstrates the jumper investigating a coral reef when six silvertip circle him. In a matter of moments, one of shark assaults the diver and bites off his mask.

Though the diver escapes unhurt and swims away, the sharks continue to circle the group.

“I couldn’t help but scream when I saw it happen. Once the sharks had cleared, I swam over to check on him,” Schneider told Daily Mail.

Luckily, the diver got away with a bit “scratch on his temple” as the shark was not hoping to ‘chase and murder’, Schneider told the news site. Thought the video was shot in 2007, the high definition version was released recently.

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