Microsoft To Be Working On 'Lite' Version Of Windows 10

Microsoft is said to be working on another version of Windows which is as of now called ‘Lite’, in view of documentation found in the most recent build. This new version isn’t Windows precisely, yet it is a version of the OS that is compatitor of Chromebooks.

Microsoft has officially tried this thought with Windows RT and Windows 10 S, but neither worked to perfection to enable the organization to handle the developing universe of Chromebooks. Subsequently, Microsoft is building another ChromeOS match that will be founded altogether on its cutting-edge Windows Core OS experience and accompanies a couple of additional items over its antecedents.

There are a few references to Lite OS in late Windows Insider manufactures and SDKs, as indicated by Petri. These have helped paint an image for what Microsoft could be doing changing with the OS.
Windows Lite may not be called Windows, according to Petri. The product mammoth might attempt an alternate methodology that would sense given the limited functionality, and picking another name could really help battle the perplexity of having various Windows versions with various features. 

Windows Lite would just be offered pre-introduced on new devices. An amazing less costly Surface pioneering this working OS could be propelled also, close by other elective models from any semblance of Dell, HP, Lenovo, and others.

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