Huawei Going To Launch Smartphone That Can Take 3D Pictures

If you remember, last month a new application called 3D Live Maker was released for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It appeared to be very like Sony’s 3D Creator application from a year ago however Bloomberg is announcing something else. The smartphone they are discussing is said to catch 3D pictures and conveys the codename Princeton. The main notice of this codename in connection to Huawei cases to be a smartphone called the Huawei Honor V20 however there isn’t any mention about it having 3D photo capabilities.

The new camera will have the capacity to make 3D models of people and items, produce pictures from various points. Developers will apps and games in novel ways , with hand gestures .While Huawei and Sony have refused to comment on the report, we do have a quote from Yusuke Toyoda, a sensors analyst at Fuji Chimera Research Inc.who says this

“Is technology that has never been seen before and, at the extreme, has the potential to change how we view the world.” 

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