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Health: PFA Declares 61 Ghee, Cooking Oil Brands Injurious To Health

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Health: PFA Declares 61 Ghee, Cooking Oil Brands Injurious To Health
The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has pulverized 47,233 liters/kilo unfit ghee and cooking oil from the market after the results of 61 brands failed research center tests. 

The provincial food regulatory body has discharged the result of test accumulation of eatable ghee and cooking oil. 

PFA Director General Muhammad Usman said the reason for test gathering drive was to affirm the accessibility of imperative micronutrients in it and check the quality and principles. He said 61 brands of oil and ghee had failed through 118 others were found up to the check. 

He said the expert would not trade off on the nature of food items and nobody would be permitted to move the unfit items. 

These brands/items which failed the tests included Abid Koh-e-Noor Banaspati, Ambar Banaspati, Apna Banaspati, Apna Canola Oil, Areej Premium Banaspati, Atif Banaspati, Attiya Banaspati, Badar Cooking Oil, Behtreen Banaspati, Crispo Vegetable Oil, Dawat Cooking Oil, Enam Cooking Oil, Faizi Banaspati, Gai Canola Cooking Oil, Gai Cooking Oil, Gai Sunflower Cooking Oil, Ghousia Banaspati, Ghousia Canola Oil, Gold Rehmat Banaspati, Hoor Canola Oil, Hoor Cooking Oil, Hoor Sunflower Oil, Ittehad Cooking Oil, Kamiyab Cooking Oil, Kamran Banaspati, Karwan Banaspati, Kausar Canola Oil, Kausar Cooking Oil, Khajoor Cooking Oil, Kisan Cooking Oil (Sunflower), Lives Cooking Oil, Mamta Banaspati, Mujahid Cooking Oil, Naimat Canola Oil, Naturelle Cooking Oil, Nice Banaspati, Nirala Banaspati, Olio Premium Canola Oil, Olio Premium Sunflower Oil, Qarni Banaspati, Rahat Banaspati Ghee, Seasons Frying Oil, Sitara Cooking Oil, Soya Supreme Banaspati, Sultan Sunflower Oil, Zareen Banaspati, Chand Banaspati, Ella Cooking Oil, Evolin Vegetable Banaspati, Evolin Vegetable Cooking Oil, Fauji Cooking Oil, Golden Sun Banaspati, Golden Sun Cooking Oil, Ittehad Banaspati, Khajur Banaspati, Lives Banaspati, Madni Cooking Oil, Shamim Banaspati, Sultan Canola Oil, Sultan Cooking Oil and Zaiqa Cooking Oil. The items which finished the test are: Gold Sadiq Oil, Lives Canola Oil, Salva Canola Oil, Salwa Sunflower Cooking Oil, Seasons Canola Oil, Seasons Oil, Shams Banaspati, Shams Refined Cooking Oil (Canola), Aaghaz Premium Olien, Adil Banaspati, Al-Hamza Banaspati, Anis Banaspati, Areej Premium Cooking Oil, Atif Premium Banaspati, Atif Premium Banaspati, Badar Banaspati (Double Refined), Bakhtawar Banaspati, Bakhtawar Cooking Oil, Best Banaspati, Best Cooking Oil, Canolive Cooking Oil, Care Banaspati, Chand Cooking Oil, Chandi Sona Banaspati, Commander Banaspati, Commander Cooking Oil, Data Banaspati, Data Cooking Oil, Data Walay Ibrahim Banaspati, Data Walay Ibrahim Canola Cooking Oil, Deewan Banaspati, Des Banaspati, Eva 100% Natural Canola Oil, Eva 100% Natural Sunflower Oil, Eva Banaspati, Eva Cooking Oil, Eva Premium VTF Banaspati, Fawad Banaspati, Gae Multipurpose Cooking Oil, Gai Banaspati, Gharana Banaspati, Golden Cooking Oil, Golden Sun Canola Oil, Golden Vegetable Ghee, Hafeez Banaspati, Golden Vegetable Ghee, Hafeez Banaspati, Hafeez Cooking Oil, Hayat Cooking Oil, Hoor Banaspati, Hoor Banaspati, Hoor Oil, Inam Banaspati, Iqbal Banaspati, Iqbal Pakwan Cooking Oil, Jashan Banaspati, Kainat Cooking Oil, Kainat Vegetable Ghee, Kashmir Banaspati, Kashmir Cooking Oil, Kausar Banaspati, Khushbu Banaspati, Khushi Banaspati, Khyber Gold Banaspati, Kisan Canola Oil, Kisan Pure Vegetable Ghee, Kissan Pure Vegetable Ghee, Maan Banaspati, Maan Oil, Malta 100% Vegetable Banaspati, Malta 100% Vegetable Cooking Oil, Mamta Cooking Oil, Mehboob Cooking Oil, Mezban Banaspati, Mezban Banaspati, Nemat Banaspati, Nemat Cooking Oil, Noor 4 Life Premium Cooking Oil, OK Banaspati, OK Cooking Oil, Pakwan Banaspati, Pakwan Cooking Oil, Punjab Cooking Oil, Punjab No. 1 Banaspati, Sadiq Banaspati, Salam Banaspati, Salva Cooking Oil, Salwa Banaspati, Samar Double Refined Cooking Oil, Seasons Banaspati, Seasons Corn Oil, Sehar Banaspati, Sehar Cooking Oil, Shah Taj Banaspati, Shahbaz Banaspati, Shahbaz Cooking Oil, Shama Banaspati, Shama Cooking Oil, Shamim Cooking Oil, Shamma Banaspati, Shan Banaspati, Shan Cooking Oil, Shandar Banaspati, Sitara Banaspati, Sooraj Banaspati, Special Madni Banaspati, Sultan Banaspati, Summer Double Refined Banaspati, Sundrop Cooking Oil, Super Latif Banaspati, Super Latif Cooking Oil, Swera Banaspati, Tahafuz Banaspati, Taqwa Cooking Oil, Taza Oil, Tazaa Gold Banaspati, UHT Treated Soya Sauce Oil, Wali Oil and Zaiqa Banaspati.

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