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Elon Musk Shows The Prototype Picture Of Mars ‘Starship’
Musk is preparing for SpaceX's 21st rocket launch of the year on Saturday when he uncovered that development of a model for a Mars spaceship, called Starship, is currently in progress at the organization's Texas launch site. 

In the early morning long stretches of Christmas Eve Monday, CEO Elon Musk shared an image of the prototype of his "Starship" under development. 

Starship is the new name for the gigantic rocket recently known as "BFR" that SpaceX wants to use to send individuals around the moon, to Mars and on super-quick international flights through space.

Starship is intended to be around 9 meters wide and 55 meters tall, and sit on an approximately 67-meter-tall rocket promoter that Musk presently calls Super Heavy. 

"I will do a full technical presentation of Starship after the test vehicle we're building in Texas flies, so hopefully March/April," he tweeted on Saturday.

"This test hopper is at full body diameter of 9m / 30 ft, just not full height. Super Heavy will be full height & diameter," Musk added.

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