Doom Is Getting A 25th Anniversary Mod "SIGIL" From The Game’s Co-Creator John Romero
Twenty-five years after the arrival of DOOM, fans of the ultraviolent first-person shooter still have a great deal to look forward to.John Romero, co-maker of Doom, is building a spiritual successor to the game. Called Sigil, it will be released as a free mod for the original 1993 version of Doom and as a boxed collector’s edition. The news comes on the 25th anniversary of that game’s release.

The megawad will feature nine single-player levels and nine multiplayer maps, and it will release for free in February. In any case, for the hardcore enthusiast, Limited Run Games will offer two physical versions of the mod called “fan boxes.” 

Romero developed the 25th anniversary mod throughout two years in his nights and weekends using Doom Builder 2, a fan-made modding tool used to make and add new levels to the game.

Doom Is Getting A 25th Anniversary Mod "SIGIL" From The Game’s Co-Creator John Romero
In addition to releasing the files for free online, Romero is additionally releasing two physical versions of the mod which incorporate different collectible extras and putting the mod itself onto a USB stick that is made to resemble a 3.5-inch floppy disk. With the $40 standard release you likewise get a CD containing an original song written by metal guitarist Buckethead, who concurred for a few of his existing songs to be utilized for ambient songs over the nine levels.All versions of the mod will require an original copy of Doom to run.

The Beast Box accompanies everything in the Standard Edition alongside some different treats, including a T-shirt, a coin, a statue of Romero’s head on a pike, and an art print signed by artist Christopher Lovell. Also, Lovell, known for his darker art style, made the plan on both fan boxes. The first DOOM — which is critical for playing the mod — isn’t bundled with either edition. 

In case you’re looking out for DOOM Eternal, or need to return to the exemplary DOOM with another curve, possibly Romero’s megawad will engage you meanwhile. Sigil comes out mid-February.

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