Co-founder Of Vine And HQ Trivia, Colin Kroll Found Dead, Apparently Of Drug Overdose
Co-founder and chief executive of the popular HQ Trivia app Colin Kroll was found dead apparently of a drug overdose in his lower Manhattan apartment at early Sunday, police said.

Cops found his body facedown on his bed after a concerned lady called 911 and requested that police determine the status of him in his SoHo apartment, on Spring Street. The lady’s relationship to Kroll was vague, yet police said she had developed stressed over his prosperity. Police said they observed what seemed, by all accounts, to be cocaine and heroin in the apartment.

Mr. Kroll established HQ Trivia with Rus Yusupov, who was additionally one of the co-founders of Vine. The two men had been cooperating from that point forward, they said in a meeting with The New York Times a year ago, with a unique idea for video applications on cell phones.

“We learned today of the passing of our friend and founder, Colin Kroll, and it’s with deep sadness that we say goodbye,” she said in an email. “Our thoughts go out to his family, friends and loved ones during this incredibly difficult time.”

The entrepreneur’s father, Alan Kroll, said in a phone interview: “He had so much talent and had accomplished so much at such a young age. It truly is a waste. At 34, imagine the things he’d done and the skills he had. It would have been really fun to watch him at 50.”

“I will forever remember him for his kind soul and big heart,” Mr. Yusupov wrote on Twitter. “He made the world and internet a better place.”

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