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Avengers Endgame 2019 Trailer Released

Avengers Endgame 2019 Trailer Released 

After Success of Infinity war marvel studio released the trailer of avengers Endgame. the endlessly hyped first trailer for Avengers 4 hit Friday morning, immediately sparking an internet freak-out and a frenzy of analysis and speculation. The trailer made its appearance before the end of the year as Marvel President Kevin Feige had insinuated it would. It arrived one week after the one-year anniversary of Avengers: Infinity War's first trailer .causing some fans to question whether we'd even get a trailer as that date came and went. 

In the days and weeks before the trailer dropped, dozens of people on Twitter changed their handles to some version of "GIVE TRAILER UNTITLED AVENGERS." Fans using the Twitter hashtag #MARVELVSTHEFANS made multiple videos begging the Avengers 4 directors for the trailer. Fans on Reddit shared, then deleted, moment-by-moment descriptions of what supposedly happens in the trailer, based on unofficial leaks. They pored over the social media accounts of the film's directors and stars, looking for clues to a trailer release date and a title.

More than one rumored date came and went, and we started to think the trailer would never come.

Hype for a movie is one thing. But hype for a trailer? This is where we are now -- and it all began more than a hundred years ago...

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