Xiaomi Sells Over 8.5 Million products In One Month During festive Sales Season
Xiaomi has disclosed that it has sold over 8.5 million gadgets in a single month amid the merry sales period. This was accomplished between October 9 and November 8, 2018. This generally means Xiaomi offering more than three gadgets for each second amid this month. 

Xiaomi additionally proceeded to accomplish record-breaking Gross merchandise volume (GMV) of $1 billion amid this period. Xiaomi gadgets incorporate Xiaomi smartphones, Mi LED TVs, Mi Band 3, Mi power banks, Mi headphones, Mi Routers, and other Mi ecosystem and accessory products that were sold crosswise over mi.com and Mi Home.

Xiaomi likewise reported that it had sold more than six million smartphones in this period. It is the most astounding number of smartphones Xiaomi has ever sold in the made reference to period. A year ago, Xiaomi sold 4 million smartphones amid the period over similar stages. Xiaomi sold more than 400,000 Mi LED TVs and over 2.1 million Mi Ecosystem products and frill, which additionally denotes the most noteworthy number of Mi LED TVs, Xiaomi has sold in a multi-day period. 

Toward the start of the festive period, Xiaomi reported having sold more than 2.5 million Xiaomi gadgets in under over two days. It likewise reported traverse two million smartphones, more than 100,000 Mi LED TVs and more than 400,000 Mi Ecosystem products and frill being sold.

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