Upcoming Feature Of Whats-App May Allow You To Add Contacts By Scan  QR code soon

Rather than sharing your WhatsApp number digit-by-digit, you will before long have the capacity to share your contact points of interest through a QR code. This straightforward yet much need highlight was spotted by WABetaInfo, a fan site that looks out for the most recent WhatsApp includes as of now in testing.

The same feature is available on Instagram as Nametags and Snapchat as Snapcodes which enables clients to add friends and followers by scanning a QR code so it is nothing unexpected that this element may before long be taking off on WhatsApp as well. The QR code produced by the application can be checked by the camera of the smartphone and afterward, WhatsApp will recover the client’s data and make a contact consequently. Clients can likewise repudiate a QR code with the goal that it isn’t utilized uncertainly.

For the security of users, they can likewise repudiate the QR code which at that point prevents it from giving other future users a chance to scan the code to get contact data. 
QR codes aren’t new to WhatsApp however. WhatsApp expects users to scan one when signing into WhatsApp through their PCs.

This new component, whenever took off, will be particularly valuable for entrepreneurs who might be able to include the QR code on their standards and web-based life posts for advertising. A similar method is used for Instagram and Snapchat advertising so including WhatsApp would essentially be good to beat all.

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