Teenage Boy From China Solver Three Rubik's Cube with hands and feet at the same time, makes record

A thirteen-year-old young boy  set a World Record by settling three Rubik’s solid shapes at the same time by using the two hands and feet. He accomplished this accomplishment in only 1 minute and 39 seconds. 

Que Jianyu from Xiamen, China, additionally made a record by turning into the quickest to settle a Rubik’s 3D square topsy turvy, dealing with the accomplishment in 15.84 seconds. At the point When asked about the most difficult part of his upside down attempt, Que said he would need to strengthen his legs for such tricks later on. 

Que additionally said Rubik’s 3D cubes  had changed his state of mind and enabled him to make more companions. He has been playing Rubik’s solid shape since he was six years of age. 

Que, who is accepted to be an expert  of Rubik’s 3D Cubes, stated, “Guinness World Records is a reasonable stage for challengers from everywhere throughout the world. When you set up your brain and you can achieve anything.”

Recently, he highlighted on the Guinness World Records’ channels for Solving three Rubik’s 3D shapes while juggling in a record time (5 minutes 6.61 seconds) and furthermore to be the quickest to understand a Rubik’s 3D Cube  by a group of two (25.63 seconds).

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