Square Enix's The Last Remnant Remastered 'Graphic Introduction Video'

Square Enix’s The Last Remnant Remastered ‘Graphic Introduction Video’

A new graphic introduction video for The Last Remnant Remastered has been released by Square Enix. The video shows the field graphics of the game.

The remastered version changes the game engine from the original one, which result in higher image quality. You can see the changes in the texture of plants and texture of rocky skin, expressions of waterside, lighting etc. in the video. Watch the video below.

Game Introduction:

“RPG “Last Remnant” released in 2008 revived as a remaster version. It contains all the elements added when porting from Xbox 360 version to PC version . Furthermore, the game engine changed, the graphics became high quality and beautiful.”

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The Last Remnant Remastered is set to Release for PlayStation 4 (download only) on December 6, 2018

Cover Photo Credit: Square Enix

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