Snapdragon 8150  Beats The Kirin 980 And A12 Bionic
It seems like Snapdragon is back in the game with new 8150 chipset, beats A12 and kirin 980 in benchmarks.

leaked AnTuTu benchmarks posted in a Weibo chat and spotted by WWFCtech. The benchmarks for the general performance of the Snapdragon 8150 scoring 362,292 which destroys the Kirin 980’s score of 273,913 .and pulls marginally in front of the A12 Bionic’s 353,210, as indicated by GSMArena’s benchmarks. 

Snapdragon 8150  Beats The Kirin 980 And A12 Bionic

There are a few things which shift with regards to the determinations of the Snapdragon 8150. Right off the bat, the leakster claims that the CPU arrangement is 1 + 3 + 4. This uncovers there is just going to be a solitary ‘Gold Plus’ core running at the most astounding recurrence, while there will be three ‘Gold’ cores that will be smack in the center, conveying the two exhibitions and handle low-importance tasks when needed. 

The CPU’s superior Cortex-A76 core is at 2.84 GHz, the three medium ones (again Cortex-A76) are timed at 2.4 GHz and the littler Cortex-A55 group of four cores is at 1.78 GHz. Assuming genuine, Qualcomm is by all accounts adopting the somewhat offbeat strategy and uses ARM’s DynamiQ design that gives producers a chance to combine diverse sorts of cores with different clock speeds into one group. 

Snapdragon 8150  Beats The Kirin 980 And A12 Bionic

The Snapdragon 8150 appears to utilize ARM’s DynamIQ big.LITTLE design, which permits the processor centers to be arranged into a solitary figure group for more versatile and adaptable multi-cores handling.

(Images Credit: gsmarena)

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