SBP Says Data Of Only One Bank Has Been Hacked
The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has rejected media reports that the information of most banks had been hacked and demanded that such protests have been gotten from just a single bank. 

In an announcement on Tuesday, the SBP said there is no proof to this impact nor has this data been given to the SBP by any bank or law implementation organization. It said rupture has happened just in BankIslami, and no other break has been accounted for. 

“All these temporary restrictions would be lifted once appropriate IT security measures are in place. It is stressed, that all restrictions pertain only to cross-border transactions, and no bank has instituted any restriction on domestic transactions,” the Bank clarified.

The central bank has just educated all banks to find a way to identify and counter any cyber threat to their systems as a team with international payment plans. The announcement said the SBP is locked in with the international payment plans, payment administrators and banks to screen the present circumstance with the end goal to guarantee the security of the banking system. 

Prior, media reports, citing a senior authority of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), expressed there was a flood in a number of grumblings that individuals have lost their cash, running into millions, from their ledgers because of hacking. 

The FIA’s Cyber Crime Director Capt (R) Shoaib was cited as saying that dissensions with respect to internet taking of cash from the financial balances had expanded in the course of recent weeks. He said the information of every single principle bank of the nation had been hacked by ‘international’ programmers and the administration of the banks through the SBP had been requested to secure their information and cash of their customers.

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