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Ranveer Singh Shares How He knew Deepika Padukone Was

Ranveer Singh Shares How He knew Deepika Padukone Was ‘The One’

Bollywood sweethearts Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone recently tied the knot in a dream wedding. Their relationship wasn’t spontaneous. It wasn’t a whirlwind romance. It wasn’t instinct or sheer luck.

As Ranveer would put it, their love story was of patience.

In his first interview as a married man, the Padmaavat star would open up about his new bride and how he knew Deepika was ‘the one’ six months after being with her.

And he knew for a while. “I’ve been ready (to tie the knot) for a while. I was just waiting for Deepika to be ready. It would happen whenever she had decided. I was fully ready and raring to go,” he told Filmfare.

Talking about their destination wedding on November 14 and 15, the 33-year-old star shared he wanted the love of his life to have whatever she wanted. He also had some advice on how to be the best husband.

“Whatever she wished, I wanted her to have it. That’s the first step in being the husband of the millennium,”  Ranveer commented, “Whatever her vision of getting married, I wanted her to realise it. Whatever she wanted, it was done exactly in that manner. Deepika deserves every bit of it. I too deserve happiness and my happiness comes from her happiness. It’s that simple.”

So, when did Ranveer knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her?

“Six months into the relationship, I knew Deepika was the one,” the actor continued. “I nurtured the relationship accordingly. It’s been six years now. She’s too good, too lovely. She’s a force of nature. I understood that almost immediately.”

While many may think that Deepika is one lucky girl to have such a loving partner, Ranveer disagrees. “I’m lucky to have her. I knew all too well that this is the woman I’m going to marry. This is the woman who would become the mother of my children,” he said. “I’ve been thinking about marriage seriously for almost three years now. I was just waiting, I told her the minute you say so, we’ll do it.”

While both the actors are at the top of their game right now, was marriage a suitable decision for the couple? Ranveer definitely thinks so.

“I believe when the feeling is right, it’s the right time. I’ve been feeling it’s right for a long time,” he concluded. “This could have happened three years back as well. Now that she’s also feeling right about it, it’s perhaps the right time now. When two people feel right about it, it’s the right time.”

The newly-weds hosted their wedding reception in Mumbai last night. Deepika looked ethereal in a gorgeous Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla ivory and gold chikankari ensemble and Ranveer opted for a colour-coordinated Rohit Bal outfit.

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