Good News From Foodpanda For People Who Are Facing Diabetes

People advice that too much sugar can cause diabetes and several heart diseases. Foodpanda arrange The World Diabetes day on 14th November 2018, Focuses on expanding familiarity with this destructive condition among the overall population.

A stressing 27.4 million Pakistanis or 1 in each 4 people matured 20 years or more are experiencing diabetes. The figure speaks of a monstrous three-crease increment in the quantity of diabetics—from 8.7% in 1994-98 to 26.3% in 2016-17, uncovers the second National Diabetes Survey of Pakistan (NDSP) 2016-17 

Now on The World Diabetes day Foodpanda is giving opportunity to their users to order and enjoy sugar free food from certified eateries just with a touch on their smartphones 

Pondering about restaurants, which may offer you Diabetes Sugar free food. Relax, as Foodpanda has given a list of restaurants. These restaurants offering healthy foods for Diabetic patients and everyone can simply go there and arrange from the rundown. No pressure on the head, neither in the veins 

  • Neco’s natural store café 
  • United King- Qalaqand and Rabri 
  •  Greeno juice bar 
  • Organigo 
  • Waffle Cart- Sugarfree Waffles 
  • Lal’s patisserie – Dark Chocolate Sugar free 
  •  Mr juice 

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