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Freelance Work Permits Introduced By Dubai For Tech Professionals

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Freelance Work Permits Introduced By Dubai For Tech Professionals

Dubai Internet City (DIC) has presented new freelance permits for tech professionals. This allow will help individuals working in the tech part in differentiating their salary source. In addition, the free zone aims at attracting local and international talent. 

The expense of the independent bundle worth Rs. 274,499 (Dh 7,500) every year additionally incorporates the independent allow and access to a business focus. 

In addition, if an individual needs a visa, the DIC will encourage him/her all the while. 

People working in the fields of versatile, web, programming improvement and engineering, information science and investigation, IT and media transmission organizing, client administration, and suppliers of specialized help and related administrations are qualified to apply for the freelance package.

Dubai Knowledge Park and Dubai Media City had additionally introduced a package similar to this one with the same cost. It included media and education sectors. The whole program is named as Go Freelance. 

According to the assessments, there are around 100,000 licensed freelancers who are getting paid on a short-term contract basis. In addition, the quantity of organizations offering the alternative of '‘work from home’' with adaptable working hours has been expanding step by step. 

This expansion has lessened the operational expenses conspicuously alongside expanding efficiency levels. 

Ammar Al Malik,  managing director of Dubai Internet City and Dubai Outsource City is of the opinion that GoFreelance is the need of great importance and an answer that encourages organizations in staying aware of the consistent interest of ability.

“In order to stay relevant, competitive and profitable, businesses need to ensure that they operate with a flexible business model, one that embraces the concept of freelance talent. GoFreelance is one such solution that businesses can take advantage of to keep up with the constant demand for talent,” he says.

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