Cloudflare's Brings Its DNS Service To iOS And Android Offering Faster, More Private Web Browsing
Cloudflare has recently made it a whole lot easier to hide your mobile browsing from your ISP and access content that may somehow or another be inaccessible. The company has launched a app for Android and iOS. 
Cloudflare application is a simple DNS switcher, giving anybody a chance to use the free service that enables a more private, quicker internet experience. Cloudflare’s DNS service has proved amazingly popular in the time since its launch, most likely in light of the fact that it’s ranked as the fastest in the world for consumers. likewise has an focus on privacy: the company is making it possible for mobile users to turn it on and off rapidly and easily. There are numerous purposes behind needing to consider utilizing a DNS service other than the one offered by your ISP by default.It doesn’t write any querying addresses to disk, wipes logs within 24 hours, and doesn’t sell people’s data or use it to target ads.

Cloudflare said 

“Any time you are on a public internet connection people can see what sites you visit. Even worse, your Internet Service Provider is very possibly selling all of your browsing history to the highest bidder. We have a tool called which makes it easy to get a faster, more private, Internet experience, but it’s historically been too complex for many people to use, particularly on mobile devices. Today, we’re launching an app you (and everyone you know) can use to use every time your mobile phone connects to the Internet. It’s a free, it’s easy, download it now.”

Source : Cloudflare

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