Bank Al Habib Become the 6th Largest Bank in Pakistan
Bank Al Habib has beaten Bank Alfalah in branch network size turning into the 6th biggest bank in Pakistan as far as market  presence. 

As indicated by the official numbers, Bank Al Habib extended its branches system to 705 areas all through the country and different foreign markets before the finish of second from last quarter 2018. 

It is working with a system of 705 workplaces, involving 600 regular managing an account branches, 62 Islamic keeping money branches, 36 sub-branches, 3 abroad branches, and 4 agent offices.

The bank has been forceful in expanding its branch system to adapt its entrance all through the country. It extended its essence through sub-branches in city urban communities particularly in shopping centers and commercial areas. 

In addition, the bank’s essence in foreign nations is likewise similarly superior to anything its rival Bank Alfalah. It has a discount branch in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Seychelles and Malaysia and delegate workplaces in Dubai, Istanbul, Beijing, and Nairobi (Kenya). 

The bank resources developed to Rs. 750 billion before the finish of September 2018. 

Then again, Bank Alfalah is working with 662 workplaces including 478 traditional managing an account branches, 152 Islamic saving money branches, 22 sub-branches, and 10 abroad branches. It has 7 branches in Bangladesh, one in Bahrain, Dubai, and Afghanistan each. 

The development of bank offices has been little sluggish during the current calendar year, nonetheless, the bank resources’ esteem remained at Rs. 804 billion before the finish of September 2018 demonstrating its effectiveness in cost-the executives and business development.

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