Auto Driver Wins Hearts Online By Refuses To Charge Money From Woman Travelling Alone At Night

Travelling alone at night is quite an anxious event for most girls and women around the country and with many horrific incidents happening on daily basis, the fear is not unnecessary. However, there are also some who go out of their way to make sure that travelling for a woman at night is nothing but safe. One such heartwarming incident recently happened in Delhi, when a girl was returning late from office. She met an auto-rickshaw driver, who not only ensured she reached safely to her destination but also offered a free ride.
Sharing the story online, Neha Das, originally from Kolkata, wrote on Facebook about Praveen Ranjan and said, she was “so glad to have met him!” Saying that as the temperature has already started plummeting in the national capital region, streets were mostly empty, as she left office nearly at around midnight.
“While I waited for an auto outside office, this gentleman stopped. On asking the fare, he said ‘Madam mein khuch nehi leta ladkiyon se itni raat ko. Unko thik se ghar pauchana zyada zaroori hein’,” Das wrote in her post that has garnered a lot of attention online. 

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