A Unique Picture Of The Dniper Shown By Nasa
                  Image credit Nasa


A Unique Picture Of The Dniper Shown By Nasa

National Aeronautics and space inquire about NASA demonstrated a photograph of snow-secured Dnieper stream, from space. The did the French space explorer the Sand in 2017, composes the Chronicle.info with reference to Golos.Ua 

Photograph distributed on the site space Agency. 

The creator analyzed a photograph of the Ukrainian stream painting by Hokusai. 

“The winter view looks so mystical with the International space station: it’s a stream North of Kiev helps me to remember depictions of Hokusai (a renowned Japanese craftsman of the eighteenth century)”, – expressed in the message. 

NASA included that the group individuals the space station take photos of our planet from the one of a kind point of view, recording the Earth from space.

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