5G Will Reach 40% Of Global Population In 2024: Report
5G is the following huge thing in mobile communication. Being the up and coming age of wireless technology, it will achieve in excess of 40 percent of the total population in the following couple of years. 

The most recent mobility report from Ericsson, a media communications giant, has uncovered that 5G will be accessible to 1.5 billion individuals before the finish of 2024. 

5G is said to offer definitely upgraded speed and responsiveness. Word has it that we’ll see the first 5G smartphones by 2019. 

The report also projects that mobile data consumption will exceed 21 GB per month by 2024, very nearly multiple times the consumption in 2018.

As per the report, key drivers for 5G arrangement include increased network capacity, lower cost per gigabyte and new use case requirements.

“North America and North East Asia are expected to lead the 5G uptake. In North America, 5G subscriptions are forecast to account for 55 per cent of mobile subscriptions by the end of 2024. In North East Asia, the corresponding forecast figure is more than 43 per cent,” said the report released on Tuesday.

In the second from last quarter, mobile data traffic grew 79 percent year on year, which is the most noteworthy rate since 2013, said the Mobility report.

“Increased data-traffic-per-smartphone in North East Asia – mainly in China – has pushed the global figure notably higher. With a traffic growth per smartphone of around 140 per cent between end 2017 and end 2018, the region has the second highest data traffic per smartphone at 7.3 gigabytes per month. This is comparable to streaming HD video for around 10 hours per month,” it said. 

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