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Toyota Pakistan Stop Booking New Cars Due To Rupee’s depreciating Value

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Toyota Pakistan Stop Booking New Cars Due To Rupee’s depreciating Value

For a company that relies heavily on imported raw material and other production components, each time the rupee weakens against the U.S. dollar it is bad news. Toyota posted a public notice on a local newspaper, saying that the company has stopped order bookings for some time, and will lay low till the rupee regains strength.

Indus Motor Company (“IMC”) would like to inform the general public that we have STOPPED OUR ORDER BOOKINGS for a few days, due to the recent depreciation in Pak Rupee’s value, which has resulted in substantial cost increase on account of C&F, Government Duties & Taxes, imported components and raw materials for local parts. The Company is in the process of evaluating the impact of the same. Once the situation stabilizes, we will resume our order bookings with the announcement of new prices,

However, IMC added that it will fulfill orders that have already been scheduled to be delivered this month and paid for in full.
These orders will be carried out at current retail prices and the company does not plan on taking any additional payment for the extra cost due to currency devaluation.

Pakistan's greatest businesses depend on imported parts. Over the previous months, all auto organizations, including Honda, FAW, and Suzuki have expanded their costs to represent rupee's falling worth. This offered ascend to various issues. 

Various clients were requested to pay all the more even after they made a booking at a lower cost. These organizations request that you cover the rupee's depreciation regardless of whether your auto is in the conveyance arrange. Things get all the more unsettling when you consider the way that a normal auto booking in Pakistan can take up to 4 or 5 months to convey, with the most extreme being 7 months. 

In such an extensive stretch – or, in other words a financial year, numerous things can change in a nation on a practical scale, particularly its money's esteem. 

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