The Government of Pakistan Trying to find tax evaders through AI (Artificial Intelligence )
With Computer Science entering a new age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, many countries from around the world have adopted this method of computation in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Google and Tesla are the finest exponents in the implementation of AI and it is widely known that US military and government hire Google for a lot of projects.

With Pakistan facing a lot of corruption and tax evasion challenges, an efficient management system and smart implementation of technology is required by the government. In a recent National Assembly meeting Finance Minister, Asad Umar recently acknowledged the problems faced by the Pakistani government in finding tax evaders and hinted at using AI to identify tax evaders.

“Algorithms are now very advanced. Global tax collection agencies don’t rely solely on traditional methods for collection, they use modern technology. We want to use anonymized data to run algorithms which will help us identify tax evaders, he said.”

 Big Data is basically a huge abundance of real-world data that can be analyzed and used to predict a possible outcome for the future. With AI using this abundance of data, it becomes even more powerful when merged with machine learning and can help the investigation agencies in an unprecedented way. For example, if a person A is a known tax evader and his bank is aware of it. The bank would further have other information like where this person lives, his level of education, declared income, marital status. Similarly, another person B is not a tax evader and the bank is aware of his profile and therefore has access to his information regarding where he lives, his income, level of education etc.

This is the place the tremendous capability of AI becomes an integral factor, through AI the machine will discover that individuals having attributes like individual A have a higher inclination of being charge dodgers than individual B. This calculation essentially limits an immense pool of individuals and therapists it to a littler arrangement of individuals. The legislature would then be able to bear on their examination on this specific arrangement of individuals procured through AI.

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