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Rumors Bully 2 Is Coming After Red Dead Redemption 2

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Rumors Bully 2 Is Coming After Red Dead Redemption 2

Boarding school experience Bully isn't so furtively Rockstar's best game, and some hypothesis a spin-off could be en route. Rockstar Intel reports that seven casting calls have been discharged for "another unannounced computer game title with a main UK games developer, shooting at Pinewood Studios". 

Fan site Rockstar Intel trusts the UK designer being referred to is Rockstar Games, since it has seen some staff being included with the postings. What's more, it supposes the title is Bully 2, given the association of youthful performing artists and mo-top. Besides, a few jobs have a placeholder title, for example, "School Professors". The principal Bully was set in secondary school and it's conceivable the spin-off goes above and beyond. 

The casting calls are fundamentally for high school jobs, with the accompanying data gave: "Gentle savagery and foulness will be utilized in scenes with the youthful entertainer. The undertaking itself is a spine chiller/dramatization and all scenes with the youthful entertainer will be taken care of with affectability." There's likewise specify of 'School Professors'. 

This could, obviously, be for anything truly – yet the source asserts that Rockstar staff have been communicating with the throwing calls. Shockingly, that is all we truly need to go on, so we will prescribe keeping your desires low. All things considered, if the distributer is twiddling its thumbs in the wake of wrapping up Red Dead Redemption 2, may we prescribe a late come back to the Bullworth Academy. 

In conclusion, there's this note in the casting calls: 

“Mild violence and profanity will be used in scenes with the young performer. The project itself is a thriller / drama and all scenes with the young performer will be handled with sensitivity.”

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