Overwatch Reveals Halloween Terror Wrecking Ball Skin
Cover Photo Credit: Overwatch twitter

Overwatch Reveals Halloween Terror Wrecking Ball Skin

For as far back as a week, Blizzard has been revealing a portion of the new amazing skins that are coming to Overwatch as a feature of the Halloween Terror event that commences Tuesday, October 9. Blizzard revealed another new Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 skin with a new video flaunting Jack-O’- Lantern Wrecking Ball.
The video from the Overwatch Twitter account demonstrates that the new Wrecking Ball skin transforms Hammond game’s newest hero into a devilish creature with a Jack-o’-lantern, and now he sits inside a colossal pumpkin rather than his standard moving mech suit.

This Jack-O’-Lantern Wrecking Ball skin is a Legendary cosmetic and will be available only in Overwatch for a limited time.
Blizzard has been progressively uncovering the up and coming Halloween skins on the Overwatch Twitter account.
The announced skins so far are 
– Swamp Monster Doomfist (Legendary) 
– Banshee Moira (Legendary) 
– Spider Widowmaker (Epic) 
– Enchanted Armor Pharah (Legendary) 
– Jack-O’-Lantern Wrecking Ball (Legendary)
The majority of the skins that have been revealed so far are a part of the Halloween Terror 2018 event. The correct points of interest of what players can anticipate from this year Halloween Terror is still not know.
Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2018 event will begin on Tuesday 9 October and ends on October 31st.

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