Introducing SQL Server 2019 Coming Soon

SQL Server 2019 see expands on past releases to develop SQL Server as a stage that gives you decisions of development languages, data types, on-premises or cloud, and operating systems.  

Change your business with a brought together information stage. SQL Server 2019 accompanies Apache Spark and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) for knowledge over the entirety of your information. 

SQL Server 2019 brings creative security and consistence highlights, industry-driving execution, mission-basic accessibility, and progressed examination to every one of your information outstanding tasks at hand, now with help for enormous information worked in. 

What’s New 

SQLServer:Availability Group – Active Hadr Threads – laborer string depletion has been a difficult issue while overseeing many databases over various Availability Group reproductions, and this is a positive development for protection checking 

SQLServer:Databases – Active parallel re-try strings – comparably, this component turned out in 2016 to settle a solitary strung issue with AGs, however it didn’t generally run quicker. 

SQLServer:Databases PVS in-push diff produced/sec – PVS is the new Permanent Version Store 

SQLServer:Databases PVS in-push diff recovered/sec 

SQLServer:Databases PVS off-push pages distributed/sec 

SQLServer:Databases PVS off-push pages erased/sec 

SQLServer:Databases PVS off-push record produced/sec 

SQLServer:Databases PVS off-push record recovered/sec 

SQLServer:Databases WPR include lsn basin miss – WPR is the new Write Page Recorder, said in the new sys.messages 

SQLServer:Databases WPR basin swaps 

SQLServer:Databases WPR stale check basin miss 

SQLServer:External Scripts Partition By Executions 

1. Knowledge over any information 

SQL Server is a center point for information reconciliation. Convey transformational experiences over organized and unstructured information with the intensity of SQL Server and Spark. 

2. Decision of dialect and stage 

Manufacture present day applications with imaginative highlights utilizing your decision of dialect and stage. Presently on Windows, Linux and holders. 

3. Industry-driving execution 

Exploit achievement versatility, execution and accessibility for mission-basic, canny applications, information distribution centers and information lakes. 

4. Propelled security highlights 

Secure information very still and being used. SQL Server has been the minimum helpless database throughout the most recent eight years in the NIST vulnerabilities database. 

5. Make quicker, better choices 

Influence BI Report Server gives your clients access to rich, intelligent Power BI reports, and the undertaking detailing abilities of SQL Server Reporting Services. 

Begin with SQL Server 2019.

Cover Image Source : mspoweruser

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