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Fortnite YouTuber Being Sued By Epic Games For Selling Cheats

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Fortnite YouTuber Being Sued By Epic Games For Selling Cheats

Epic Games has filed suit against two game youtubers for posting videos of cheats in Fortnite and guiding users to buy those cheat tools. 

More than 1.7 million individuals subscribe to the "Golden Modz" YouTube channel where its proprietor, Brandon Lucas, posts videos of himself utilizing mods to troll players in games like "GTA Online" and "Fortnite." But, Epic cases Lucas additionally utilizes those videos to advance game swindles he offers on his site and it's currently suing for copyright infringement,breach of contract, and unfair and deceptive trade practices.

Epic Games is no more odd to suing individuals over Fortnite cheats and different materials encroaching on their item, as they've taken everybody they can from previous contracted representatives to an underaged child to court over messing with their game. 

In late September, Golden Modz created a short video on YouTube where he examined legitimate issues with Fortnite. He asserts blamelessness and fights, "I was doing videos simply like the a large number of other content creaters on YouTube that transfer Fortnite, and it just knocks my socks off how I can transfer a video that will engage individuals to supposedly being sued by Epic Games." 

In the event that Epic wins the case, its legal counselors will pursue the benefits produced using the tricking in addition to harms and court costs. Epic is firm with its position on swindling and might want players to comprehend that it is unfruitful to take part in any bamboozling action and would just outcome to grave results. 

With Fortnite moving toward the Christmas season (with a retail package to coordinate), Epic Games is hoping to ensure its wonder is protected and secure.

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